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A Tour of The International Space Station

I came across this the other day and just had to share it. ESA astronaut Andre Kuipers provides the most detailed tour of the completed space station that I’ve ever seen, and it’s in HD! The tour is almost an … Continue reading

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6 Surprising facts you didn’t know about living in space

We have all seen the images of Astronauts goofing around in space, playing with their food and flying around like an uncoordinated version of superman. But what is it really like up there. Here are six surprising facts that you … Continue reading

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The successful launch of Falcon 9 and the Dragon Capsule

Well the guys and gals at SpaceX did it… Falcon 9 launched perfectly and Dragon is on her way to the international Space Station. I don’t think I can recall ever witnessing a launch as emotional as that one. The … Continue reading

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Reflections on a successful launch abort

Like many people I dragged myself out of bed at stupid o’clock on Saturday morning to watch Space X make history by becoming the first private company to build and launch a vehicle to the international space station. I tuned in … Continue reading

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Great Things Happening in Great Britain

As a Brit it feels good to be able to write that title without the hint of sarcasm or cynicism that could so easily accompany it. That’s not to say that I’m not proud to be British – I am … Continue reading

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Boost to the UKs Space Tourism Industry in the Budget!

During todays budget announcement the UK’s Chancellor has indicated that changes will be made to the 1986 Outer Space Act. The move is intended to resolve the issue of the unlimited liabilities a company might face in the event of … Continue reading

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Yuri’s Night 2011

On the 12th of April 2011 it will be exactly 50 years since Vostok 1 carried Yuri Gagarin into the history books as the first man in space. Yuri’s Night is an international celebration of this and other remarkable milestones … Continue reading

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