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The successful launch of Falcon 9 and the Dragon Capsule

Well the guys and gals at SpaceX did it… Falcon 9 launched perfectly and Dragon is on her way to the international Space Station. I don’t think I can recall ever witnessing a launch as emotional as that one. The … Continue reading

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Reflections on a successful launch abort

Like many people I dragged myself out of bed at stupid o’clock on Saturday morning to watch Space X make history by becoming the first private company to build and launch a vehicle to the international space station. I tuned in … Continue reading

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The Future of Commercial Spaceflight and Space Tourism

Fair Warning – The following blog post is a bad idea… Why is it a bad idea? because in it im going to make predictions about the future, and this is almost always a bad idea. So, why am I … Continue reading

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And So The Great Journey Begins…

So what is the Me Fly Rocket blog all about. Well that’s simple: Ever since I was a kid I’ve dreamed of being an astronaut, but as I’m pretty much made of “The Wrong Stuff”, I’ve never quite managed to … Continue reading

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